The demand for Shiba Inu puppies is currently very high and we have a waitlist for our puppies. The current price for a puppy of any color from Sugar Spring Puppies is $2,500. We reserve the right to change our prices according to the demand of the market.

Our waitlist is shown on our puppy page.

Before You Join the Waitlist:

Please read this entire page carefully. By placing a deposit on our waitlist, you are agreeing to the policies set forth on this page.
If you do not understand something, feel free to contact us with any questions!

We do not pre-screen our customers to see if they "qualify" for a puppy. We at Sugar Spring Puppies trust our puppy customers and expect them to educate themselves on what it takes to raise a Shiba Inu puppy and provide all the care, attention, socialization, and training the puppy will need BEFORE placing a deposit. Be sure that you are prepared for the work and time involved in training and socializing your Shiba Inu puppy before you buy one! Here is a quick overview of the Shiba Inu breed.

Read this page for information on what to expect when you first bring your puppy home!

If you have done your homework and have adequate living or yard space, and time that you can devote to training and bonding with your new furry friend, you may go ahead and reserve one of our puppies! We trust that you will provide a good, loving home!

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

We reserve the right to refuse selling a puppy to anyone for any reason. We reserve the right to change our policies at any time.

How to Join the Waitlist

For a nonrefundable deposit of $400 (which applies toward the final price of the puppy) you can join the waitlist for a puppy! By placing a deposit, you are signifying that you have read and agreed to our Policies as outlined here on our Policies page.

Make your deposit on our payment page. In the description box, type your preferred gender: male, female, or either (if you have no preference). Also type in the color of puppy you want. Please choose black and tan, or red. Please do no type "either" for the color.

We will contact you to confirm that we have received your deposit.

When the puppies are old enough, we will begin at the top of the waitlist and you can either choose your puppy, or you can pass and wait for the next litter(s).

If there is an error when trying to place the deposit, you can also call us at 270-962-7274 and we can process your payment over the phone.

If you choose to buy from another breeder while you are still on our waitlist, please let us know so that we can remove you from our list.

Payment Policy

Deposits are non-refundable. If something should happen to your puppy when you have a deposit placed on it, you would have three options:

1) pick another available puppy
2) use your deposit to reserve a future puppy in an upcoming litter
3) have your deposit refunded

If you default or cancel and never pick up your puppy, your deposit will then be used to help locate a new home for the puppy. (We do our best to contact you numerous times as well as give a two week grace period of not hearing from you before we conclude that you have abandoned your puppy. If we do not hear back from you for two weeks, we will make the puppy available again for reservation so it can find its new home.) We try our best to be fair and make allowances or give refunds for circumstances beyond your control.

The balance due must be paid in cash, at the time of the puppy pick-up. If your puppy is being shipped, the balance due must be paid through Paypal at least 72 hours (3 days) before the flight.

We will provide a money back guarantee within 72 hours of possession if you are not satisfied with your puppy, providing he/she is returned to our home at the expense of the buyer.

What Your Puppy Comes with:
Our Policies
Your Shiba Inu puppy will come with:

• Limited AKC Registration Papers
(full registration available at an additional $300 unless stated otherwise)
• One Year Genetic Health Warranty
• First Shots & Deworming Done
• Health Record & Vet Report
• Invoice/Puppy Agreement
• If picking up, you will get a little bag of puppy food that your puppy is used to, a collar or harness, a leash, and a toy.
• If your puppy is being shipped, we send all of its paperwork and a small bag of puppy food. The airline does not allow us to ship collars, leashes, or toys. We apologize for this inconvenience!
Weight estimates given of puppies are approximate and we cannot guarantee a puppy's weight at maturity. Shiba Inu puppies sometimes change color as their adult coat comes in. Reds that are born with black muzzles and black in their coat will almost always lose all the black unless they are a sesame.
Local Pickup and Arrangements

Puppies can be picked up at our farm near Hopkinsville, KY when they are 8 weeks old or older. They will be current on their shots and deworming and will have had a vet examination done prior to going home.

We can also meet you in Nashville Tennessee, Bowling Green Kentucky, Evansville Indiana, or Paducah Kentucky for free.

If you have a long drive and would like for us to meet you somewhere else please contact us beforehand for availability and pricing.

Come prepared with some towels (and crate if desired) for the ride home!

Shipping Information

Shipping by airplane is available for $375.00. We will provide you will all the information you need to know about the shipping process and how to pick up your puppy from the airport and what to bring with you. It's actually pretty simple and we're very experienced with shipping puppies.

Your puppy travels in his or her own crate (which you may keep), and comes with her paperwork (registration, health records, etc.), and a small bag of puppy food. Unfortunately, the airlines no longer allow us to send anything else like a collar, leash, or toy.

Puppies travel by airplane, in a temperature/pressure-controlled section of the airplane, to the airport nearest you. When the puppy arrives, you will pick it up from the cargo area of the airport. I will give you the exact address of where to go, as well as instructions for pickup. We also provide a tracking number so you can keep an eye on the flight's progress on the day of the flight!

If you have a ground transport you would like us to send your puppy with, we are willing to work with that as well, but we do not offer ground transport as part of our policies. You will need to find the ground transport and pay them directly.

Health Guarantee

We make every effort to ensure that you purchase a healthy puppy. If your puppy is found to have major genetic health issues that are diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian within one year of purchase, we will exchange your puppy for one of equal value. There are however no guarantees against common sicknesses or accidents on your part.

We encourage you to take your dog to the veterinarian; but any and all costs incurred are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

His/her shots and worming will be up to date and current as of the purchase date. You are provided the health records upon your purchase.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or write us anytime. We will try to assist you in any way possible, however we will recommend that you follow the instructions of your personal veterinarian.

Visitation Policy

We do our best to ensure that all our dogs receive excellent care! We would like to limit outside traffic through our kennels as much as we can to help minimize the potential of someone unintentionally tracking in diseases (like parvo, giardia, etc). We welcome only those seriously interested in a puppy, or those that have already placed a deposit on one to visit our kennel and see your future puppy's parents. Please remember that it places stress on our mothers to have strangers come in and look at and handle their newborns. Thank you for your understanding!
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