Our Male Australian Shepherds

Size: 58 lbs. Approx. 19″ tall.

Cooper gets along great with other dogs, including puppies. He loves people and exploring and playing.

Health Testing: Clear on Cone Deg., CEA, DM, HC,
and MDR1. Carrier/unaffected for CMR1.
ASDR Registered

Blue Merle Male
Not Red Factored

Runnin C

Our Female Australian Shepherds
ASDR Registered
Size: 48 lbs. Approx. 18.5″ tall.

Zoey is friendly and gets along with everybody. She is good with kids and is a GREAT mama to her puppies.

Health Testing: Clear on Cone Deg., CEA, CMR1,
DM, HC, and MDR1.
Black Tri
Zoey will be retiring and is looking for a new home! Our new female is Clover and she is also a black tri but smaller than Zoey (I need to measure but she is probably around 14" tall).
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