Shiba Inu Puppies

Home with Jake!
Home with Christina!
Home with William!
Home with Zahira!

A Few of Our Past Puppies:
Home with Devin!
Home with Charles!
Home with Anthony!
"Almond Joy"
Home with Melinda!
Home with Travis!
Home with Dorothy!
Home with Caroline!
Home with Paulina!
Home with Eric!
Home with Josefina!
Home with Maggie!
Home with Michael!
Home with Tana!
Home with Lori!
Home with Christopher!
Home with David!
Carter, Home with Tamara!
Carter, Home with Tamara!
Celia, Home with Adrian!
Celia, Home with Adrian!
Crystal, Home with Alex!
Crystal, Home with Alex!
Charlotte, Home with Joshua!
Charlotte, Home with Joshua!
Gigi, Home with the Gilberts!
Gloria, Home with Kaylen!
Celia, Home with Adrian!
Roman, Home with Austin!
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Chocolate, Home with Davis!
Oreo, Home with Ziyi!
Our waitlist gets first pick of our current litters. If you are interested in joining our waitlist, please read our Policies Page.

Bluebell, Home with Justin!
Buttercup, Home with Mike!
Home with Lindsey!
Home with Lani!
Our Current Waitlist:

1. Matthew H.
2. Jennifer, Kentucky
3. Sandra, New York
4. Alex, California
5. Chloe, Virginia
6. Victor, New York
7. Taylor, Alabama
8. Leslie, Chicago
9. Jasmine, Michigan

Ruby and Little Bear's Litter
Born September 22nd
Ready to go home November 17th
Lizzie and Little Bear's Litter
Born September 24th
Ready to go home November 19th

Please take note that Lizzie has slightly longer hair than typical Shiba length and her puppies have the potential to be the same way.
Red Male (A)
(smallest puppy of the litter)
Red Male (B)
Red Male (C)
Red Female (A)
Red Male (D)
Red Female (B)
Black and Tan Female (A)
(smallest puppy of the litter)
Black and Tan Female (B)
Black and Tan Male
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Sugar Spring Puppies
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Our puppies have been placed in OR, FL, VA, TX, NY, GA, NJ, AL, IN, IL, KY, CA, LA, NC, PA, WA, TN, and MI!