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Here at Sugar Spring Puppies, we specialize in AKC registered Shiba Inus.

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The Shiba is a very uinique breed, and also pretty adaptable. We keep our Shibas on our farm in SW Kentucky, and they do very well staying close to home, even though we do not keep them fenced in most of the time. They are great family pets when raised with children, and do well with other dogs when socialized. The Shiba Inu breed also can do well in an apartment or other city setting, if you have a fenced in yard, or take your Shiba on walks and socialize it.

Please look around our website and learn more about how we raise our Shibas the natural way!
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All of our Shiba puppies come with:

AKC registration application
Litter Certificate
Vet Examination Report
Container of No More Dog Worms

If a puppy needs deworming, we only use natural products (no chemical dewormers),
and we no longer recommend routine vaccines for puppies.
Please visit our Vaccines page for more information about how vaccines are harmful.
Sugar Spring Puppies Shiba Inu puppies have been placed in Alabama, AL, California, CA, Florida, FL, Georgia, GA, Illinois, IL, Indiana, IN, Kentucky, KY, Louisiana, LA, Michigan, MI, Missouri, MO, New Jersey, NJ, New York, NY, North Carolina, NC, Oregon, OR, Pennsylvania, PA, Tennessee, TN, Texas, TX, Virginia, VA, and Washington, WA. Shiba Inu Puppies for sale in Kentucky. Buy Shiba Inu Puppies near Nashville Tennessee
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