Bringing Puppy Home

Settling In:

You can expect your puppy to be a little shy and possibly nervous at first, due to their big day, and not having anything or anyone familiar around them. They should be just fine in a few days with plenty of reassurance. 🙂 Having some “alone time” in their crate also brings a sense of security to puppies as it acts as a den that they can feel safe and secure in, so you may want to consider doing crate training. This is also really helpful for nighttime or leaving the puppy alone in the house for a little while!

Feeding Your Puppy:

We send your puppy home with a bag of whatever food they are eating (it could be dehydrated raw, dehydrated lightly cooked, or raw, meaty bones). In addition to this food, we also recommend raw eggs for your puppy, as they are super easy to eat, and are extremely good for their immune system! Buy your eggs from a local farmer that has his chickens out on grass. The store-bought, factory farmed eggs lack in nutrition, though I still think they are a good choice if that’s all you can get. If you don’t like the idea of feeding him eggs raw, you can also scramble and cook them. Dogs like it either way!

Your puppy may not be interested in eating much the first few days in his new home. He may just drink a lot of water at first. The main thing is to keep him hydrated, and he will begin eating when he is comfortable. I have never heard of one of our puppies starving himself!

Be sure to also feed him a dose of No More Worms every day for the first week after you bring him home. We will send you home with a container of it. The reason we recommend this is because when a puppy goes through a major life change like traveling and joining their new families, the stress lowers their immune system and makes them more susceptible to diarrhea, coccidiosis, and parasites. The No More Worms contains Diatomaceous Earth which kills parasites, and herbs that boost his immune system to keep him healthy during this time! Mix the powder into his raw eggs every day. Our dogs love it!


What is Socialization and How to Get it Right

There is more to socialization than just playing with other dogs and kids!

Dew Claws:

Your puppy has its natural dew claws. This is a 5th toe on the front feet which is like the equivalent of a thumb, and you’ll find it a little farther back on their foot on the inside, away from the other four toes. It is important to check the toenail on the dew claws and keep it trimmed if it gets too long!

Articles about Dew Claws:

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From a post from Dr Peter Dobias’ FB page: Some people mistakenly believe that removing dewclaws is a minor procedure. In fact, some very important energy lines are severed which affects the immune system and the whole body. If you are worried about dewclaw injury (which is rare), carry a bandage in your pocket instead of chopping of your dog’s body parts.


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Should Your Dog Have His Dew Claws Removed?

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