Dear Customers, Please read our policies below before making a purchase from us.
We will not hold a puppy for you until you have made a PayPal deposit for it!

Reserving an Available Puppy

Contact us through sugarspringpuppies@gmail.com or call us at 270-962-7274

We take deposits through Paypal on our “Payment Page”. You can enter your credit card or Paypal information for the deposit. A Paypal account is not required. Once the deposit is submitted, PayPal will email you a receipt. This deposit is non-refundable.

The deposit amount is $250 and goes towards the final price of your puppy.  

Puppies do no leave until they are around 8 weeks old.

If something should happen to your puppy when you have a deposit placed on it, we would let you pick another available puppy or you can use it to reserve a future puppy on an upcoming litter. Otherwise, you would simply have your deposit refunded. If however, you default or cancel and never pick up your puppy, your deposit will then be used to help locate a new home for the puppy. (We do our best to contact you numerous times as well as give a two week grace period of not hearing from you before we conclude that you have abandoned your puppy. If we do not hear back from you for two weeks, we will make the puppy available again for reservation so it can find its new home.) We try our best to be fair and make allowances or give refunds for circumstances beyond your control.

Payment Policy

The balance due must be paid in cash, at the time of the puppy pick-up.

Customer’s Care

We do not pre-screen our customers to see if they “qualify” for a puppy. We at Sugar Spring Puppies trust our puppy customers and expect them to provide loving homes for our puppies and take good care of them. So, if you have done your homework and can provide adequate shelter and nutrition, and have adequate living or yard space and time that you can devote to training and bonding with your new furry friend, you may go ahead and reserve one of our puppies! Please read all of our information about how we raise our puppies and why we avoid vaccinations, before placing a deposit.

Feel free contact us if you have any questions!

We reserve the right to refuse selling a puppy to anyone for any reason.

Local Pick-Up and Arrangements

You are always welcome to come to our location in Pembroke, KY to pick up your puppy.
We can also drive to meet you in Nashville TN, Evansville IN, Bowling Green KY, or Paducah KY for free. If you have a long drive and would like for us to meet you somewhere else please contact us beforehand for availability and pricing.

Come prepared with some towels and/or dog crate for the ride home!

Health Information

We will provide a money back guarantee within 72 hours of possession if you are not satisfied with your puppy. The puppy must be returned to our home at the expense of the buyer. We encourage you to have your own vet examine your new puppy within 72 hours of bringing him home to confirm his health.

We recommend that you do not vaccinate at this 72-hour visit, as this would be an additional stressor on top of all the new stressors of moving. I suggest that if you are going to vaccinate, that you wait to vaccinate until the puppy has settled into your home and his new environment and food and routines, so that there is the least amount of stress on his system before vaccinating. Read Keeping Your Puppy Healthy for more information about delayed vaccinations.

There are no guarantees against common sicknesses or accidents or injuries beyond our control. Any and all costs incurred in visiting the veterinarian, after bringing home the puppy, are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

We do not guarantee final adult color, weight, or personality.

What you feed your dog, what toxins are in his environment, and whether he gets vaccinated or not, all affect how healthy he will be. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that your puppy will never develop any health problems, just as a pediatrician cannot guarantee a child will never develop any health problems in the future. After the puppy leaves our care, there will be things out of our control that could end up making him unhealthy, even if he leaves our care perfectly healthy. While puppies are under our care, we provide species-appropriate food, and have a vet examination done prior to them leaving, ensuring that your new puppy is in good health. We only use natural dewormers, and we make every effort to ensure that you purchase a healthy puppy.

As a general rule, we do not recommend vaccinations for our puppies before leaving for their new homes because of how harmful they are. If you choose to vaccinate your puppy, we highly recommend a delayed vaccination schedule, as studies show that vaccine immunity lasts 7+ years, and repeat puppy vaccinations are not necessary. Read Keeping Your Puppy Healthy for more information on delayed vaccinations. If you have done your research and have read our Vaccines page and would still like your puppy to have his/her first shots before leaving, please let us know.

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