Puppy Page

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**We do not currently have any litters. Our next litter will most likely be in 2022.**

Our puppy price is $2,500

All of our Shiba puppies come with:

Registration application (AKC or ACA)
Litter Certificate
Vet Examination Report
Container of No More Worms supplement
A bag of their current food

Early Neurological Stimulation

We like to do this with our puppies so they can handle stress better later on!

Early Neurological Stimulation
Excerpt from Early Neurological Stimulation

How to Reserve a Puppy

  • Please first read our Vaccines page and The Truth About Kibble page and familiarize yourself with our approach.
  • Contact us with your interest to reserve a puppy.
  • Your Shiba puppy will be ready to go home when it is around 8 weeks old.

**Photos of previous puppies coming soon.**

A Note About Registration

Holistically Raised Puppies has an excellent article explaining why AKC does not necessarily mean anything (and this applies to all registries). We do have AKC and ACA registered parents, but we take registration with a grain of salt since we know there can be a lot of “iffy” stuff going on with registries, and registration says nothing about the health and quality of a dog.

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